All She Wants for Xmas

“Thank you, Lord!  Congrats to all the other Queen of Christmases
around the world, living and whom have passed!”

Darlene Love celebrates Mariah losing her bid to trademark the term Queen of Christmas.

Did you know that Billy’s hometown gave birth to not one but two holiday ditties?  Most evidence points to Jingle Bells being written by James Lord Pierpont in Medford, Massachusetts.  We’ll just skim over the fact that it was first performed in a minstrel show and, instead, tell you this little-known fact – it was written for Thanksgiving.  And that leads us to the second holiday song to come from my modest hamlet.  I don’t know how popular it is around the country, but I grew up with Over the River and Through the Woods, written by Lydia Maria Child.  In school, we sang all four stanzas.  It wasn’t until the pandemic that I actually walked the roughly five-block route Miss Child describes to her grandparents’ house.  She writes, “The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh, through the white and drifted snow”.  I’m not convinced that horse actually knew the way, because I walked that route in only two stanzas!  And here’s another fun fact – I have certain attributes that have been compared to a horse.


Attention, everyone – Mariah Carey is NOT the Queen of Christmas.  Although Mimi filed to trademark the term, her application was, as Suze Orman used to say, “Denied”.  She also attempted to trademark the phrases Princess of Christmas and Christmas Princess.  Those were also (say it with me) “Denied”!  This, of course, is good news to the longest-reigning Queen of Christmas – Darlene Love!  The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!

While promoting her rather curious NBC special Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas, the superstar took umbrage when someone called her the Queen of Christmas.  “Now, don’t you say that.  I’m not going to compete with Mariah,” said Dolly.  “I love her.  You think of Christmas, you think of Mariah.  I’m happy to be second in line to her.”  Carey returned the compliment via social media.  “Dolly, let’s settle this one…You are the Queen of Everything!  The Queen of the World, The Queen of Christmas, The Queen of Mine!!  Love you!!!!”  Parton, who obviously enjoys having the last word, responded with, “I will always love you”.

By the by, Carey has joined the producing team of the new Broadway musical based on the film Some Like It Hot.  “To see how this show continues to expand on the film’s legacy – pushing boundaries, promoting inclusion, celebrating diversity – I’m proud to help bring Some Like It Hot for today’s world to new audiences.”  This stage version of the classic film (not to be confused with the 1972 musical version, Sugar), has been written by the talented twosome behind the hit Broadway musical HairsprayMarc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.   It opens on Broadway next week, and is poised to be the event of the season.

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