Sharon’s Back!

Color me surprised to see someone who was fired back on the air.  Last week, Sharon Osbourne was on air saying, “Hello everybody.  A happy, happy New Year and welcome to The Talk.”  But she wasn’t sitting next to Sheryl Underwood.  She was on The Talk UK!  I’m not sure if she’ll be a regular on the show or if this will be an occasional spot.  But I’m always glad to see Shazza.


Elsewhere in the UK, The Spice Girls are not at all happy about a new release of an old track.  It all started when they released the 25th anniversary edition of Spiceworld – which included some live tracks, alternate versions of some songs, and some unreleased demos.  One of the demos considered was a song called “C. U. Next Tuesday”!  Surely I don’t have to explain why it wasn’t released back in 1996.   But Mel C. says it’s not because of the title.  “[It] was never used because it’s a pile of shit.  I think it would be a big rip-off if Virgin put it on a greatest hits album now.”  And Virgin didn’t release it.  But someone found the track and leaked it online.

In some cheeky music news, Sam Smith recently bared all.  They (which is Sam’s pronoun of choice) spent the holidays in Thailand and took some racy photos showing off their assets on a boat and in a rocky glade – which sounds painful.  Should you be so inclined, float on over to to check out the goods.


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