Where’s Barbara?

Time for the hottest game in NYC, Where’s Barbara?  The Barbara in question is Barbara Walters.  Obviously we all know she’s dead.  But none of her friends know exactly where she is.  According to insiders, friends have been calling funeral parlors all over the Tri-State area in order to figure out what the arrangements are.  Not only friends, but former colleagues – including people at ABC and, in particular, The View.  When the famed Frank E. Campbell facility was contacted, they said (rather bluntly, if you ask me), “We don’t have her!”  Walters’ moody daughter Jackie has remained mum.  The supposition is that since she had to share her mother with the world while she was alive, she’s keeping the arrangements private.  Maybe Barbara’s been cryogenically preserved – only to be revived in time to say, “Welcome to 3030!”

If Barbara were still with us, I’m sure she’d be reporting on the execution of Amber McLaughlin.  I never heard of her either, but turns out she made history.  She is the first transgender person (of either sex) to be executed in this country.  She was also the first person put to death this year, but that’s less historic.  When Amber was still Scott, s/he was convicted of murdering a former girlfriend.  That typically wouldn’t lead to an execution.  But while the jury came back with a guilty verdict, they could not decide on a punishment.  That was left to the discretion of the judge, who made the unprecedented decision of the death penalty (apparently only two states allow this to happen).  It was after being sentenced to death by lethal injection that Scott transitioned to Amber.  A curious case, indeed.


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