Farewell and Au Revoir

Last week was a busy one for celebrity deaths.  I don’t want to make light of the passing of such luminaries as Adam Rich and Robbie Knievel (Evil’s son).  I even observed a moment of silence when I heard about Lisa Marie Presley’s passing – although, I never thought she looked particularly healthy (or happy).  But I was genuinely sad bidding adieu to my dear friend, Carole Cook.  Truly it is no tragedy to go at 98…although it is sad that she was only three days shy of 99.  Beyond her extensive work on television (a protégée of Lucille Ball), stage (42nd Street) and film (The Incredible Mr. Limpet), she was a tireless fundraiser in the fight against AIDS and one helluva broad.  I once asked her the secret of her success.  “I’m a great fuck”.  We had SO much in common.


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