Globes and Grammys

“As a gay man, I want to apologize for all the gays
on behalf of what we tried to do to her on that boat!

Jerrod Carmichael takes a moment out of the Golden Globes to apologize to White Lotus
star Jennifer Coolidge, who memorably exclaimed, “These gays – they’re trying to murder me!”

The Golden Globes returned to NBC…with a thud.  It was one of the least viewed Globes in television history – second only to the year when the awards were handed out at a press conference during the 2008 writers strike.  Getting higher ratings than Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush is a dubious distinction, but one Jerrod Carmichael has to his credit.  Opinions were split as to how he did, but if Shelly Miscavige turns up, he’ll be lauded a hero.  I want to send out special props to Ryan Murphy, who singled out Mj Rodriguez, Billy Porter, Niecy Nash, Matt Bomer, and Jeremy Pope in accepting the Carol Burnett Award.  “I have dedicated most of my lifetime achievement speech here tonight to these wonderful actors I worked with to make a point of hope and progress.”  Bravo.

The Grammy Awards just announced they’ll present a Lifetime Achievement Award to a legendary group who never won an award.  In fact, they were only nominated twice.  The Supremes!  This is not unprecedented.  In 2012, a Lifetime Achievement Award was given out to a legendary artist who was nominated 10 times and never won anything.  Diane Ross!  This has started a guessing game – who will accept on behalf of The Supremes?  In the past, Miss Ross would never attend an event where she’d run into Mary Wilson.  Since Mary died two years ago, this leaves Diane as the sole founding member (we’ve also lost Florence Ballard, Barbara Martin and Betty McGlown).  I don’t expect Cindy Birdsong or Jean Terrell to show up.  But maybe Diane will invite Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence, Susaye Green…or even Debbie Sharpe!


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