Windsor Woes

Details for Prince…er…King Charles’ coronation on May 6th are starting to shape up.  A highlight of the day will be a gala concert, which I’m told will feature a reconstituted Spice Girls (including Posh – probably with her mike off).  However, two people the Palace hoped to lure have already declined.  First was Ed Sheeran, who has a stadium concert in Arlington, Texas the night before.  Understandable.  But what to make of Adele?  She reportedly said, “No, thank you,” even though she has absolutely nothing on the docket for the entire month of May.

As if the royals don’t have enough trouble, they have to deal with that pesky paternity issue.  No, we’re not talking about Harry.  This is about Simon Dorante-Day, a 56-year-old living in Queensland, Australia who claims to be the illegitimate child of Charles and Camilla!  According to Simon, his adoptive grandparents worked for the royal family – his grandmother was a cook and his grandfather was a gardener.  A deathbed confession from his grandmother (his adopted granny, not Lizzie) claims that he is the biological child of King and Queen Consort.  Lots of details don’t add up – beginning with him being born in 1966.  We know that Charles didn’t meet Camilla until 1970 because we all saw The Crown!  Isn’t it just possible that granny was slightly…well, bonkers?  Nonetheless, Simon is petitioning the court for a DNA test and says that Charles’ coronation will not thwart his efforts.


One often hears about peaceful deathbed transitions.  Not so for caustic comedian and actor Richard Belzer.  As we went to press, we received word of his passing at the relatively youthful age of 78.  His friend, Bill Scheft, reports that Belzer’s last words were, “Fuck you, motherfucker.”  Maybe he saw someone he knew!


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