Soap Opera Wood

Given recent events, I predict that Cher will re-release one of her classics: “Romanis, Tramps and Thieves”.


The original Broadway cast of the musical Ragtime will reunite on March 27th for a one-night-only benefit for the Entertainment Community Fund, formerly known as The Actors Fund (how long will we have to reference its better-known name?).  One of the participants will be Lea Michele, who was in the original cast as “Little Girl”.  Obviously she will be appearing in a different role.  I believe “Little Girl” will now be played by Barbra Streisand.

A BBC reporter is in hot water after being filmed in a taxi and not wearing a seatbelt.  Before anyone asks, I always wear a seatbelt – even when having sex in the car.  You can never be too safe.


Aussie actor Ingo Rademacher claims that ABC didn’t fire him from General Hospital because he refused to get vaccinated; it was because he endorsed Donald Trump.  You know how to prove you’re right?  Get vaxxed!

And now, my favorite story of the week.  I met the striking and sexy Forbes March through Jerry verDorn many years ago.  I haven’t thought of the former soap stud in eons, but he returned to the headlines last week after being arrested for stealing used cooking oil!  Oh, yes – you read correctly.  I must confess, I know nothing about used cooking oil, except I believe Willie Nelson uses it to fuel his Winnebago.  We’re told March purchased a used oil collection route to help supplement his income.  He was seen siphoning used oil out of a container at a diner in Ulster, New York.  Problem is that oil was earmarked for a competitor.  March’s attorney claims that the container was improperly marked and that it “appeared abandoned and contained mostly dirty rainwater.”  So, Forbes was stealing rainwater?  The pilfered amount of oil has a street value of $1,000.  His main business is a firewood delivery company, and I would be mighty happy to pay Forbes March $1K to deliver wood to me anytime.

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