Dating Naked in Germany

Since we’re talking foreign nudity, I picked an appropriate Ask Billy question.  Greg in Chicago asks, “I heard about a naked dating show in Europe.  Did they actually show all on a regular channel?  Was anyone hot?”

Ah, this would be Dating Naked Germany.  And, in this case, the title says it all.  It also proves that the vast majority of the world’s population should not be seen naked 24/7.  It’s just not a good look.  It does, however, get one in the mood to iron!  On the show, there are a few lookers.  There’s the striking Fabio De Pasquale – who may have some German in him, but is mostly Italian.  He’s a personal trainer and has a number of reality shows under his belt.  In fact, what’s under his belt is as impressive as what’s above his belt.  Some countries will get to watch the show on Paramount+.  The rest of you can check out some of the more notable talent on


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