Hot Latinos in the News

Some of my favorite stories this week come from overseas.  Like this headline – “Former Gay Adult Film Star Running for Mayor of a Spanish Village”.  I don’t know why, but I picture chickens and donkeys running around – or maybe I’ve seen one too many productions of CarmenAntonio Moreno (no relation) did gay porn under the name Héctor de Silva as recently as 2021- and he was remarkably versatile, which has nothing to do with this story.  He moved to the little village of Carcelén because that’s where his boyfriend is a forest firefighter.  Antonio is working as a livestock farmer and wants to help the village, which is termed as “very abandoned” and has roughly 500 residents.  So he’s thrown his sombrero into the ring.  He is running against Maria Dolores Gómez Piquera, who has been mayor since 2011.  She may have the edge, but did I mention Antonio is versatile?


Two hot Latin men are in a tussle, and I for one couldn’t be happier.  It all started with Eduardo Verástegui, who I fondly remember as a member of the Latin pop group Kairo.  He also appeared in Jennifer Lopez’s video for “Ain’t That Funny”, in addition to the 2003 flick Chasing Papi (opposite Sofía Vergara, Lisa Vidal and Roselyn Sánchez).  He then segued into a bunch of telenovelas, during which time he was rumored to be dating Ricky Martin.  Somewhere along the way, he became a conservative politician and a supporter of Donald Trump!

Then there’s openly gay Polo Morín, who’ll be appearing in the upcoming Amazon flick Red, White & Royal Blue.  But you can currently see him in the Netflix series High Heat – which is about firefighting male strippers (yes, really).  The shower scene alone will get you all hot and bothered!  Polo is also very active on social media where he regularly posts risqué photos.  Well, he’s hot, in his early 30s, and has no body fat.  And he’s got a fantastic ass and pretty sizeable penis.  Why do I know this?  Well, when Polo was outed, it was with a leaked sex video – which you can see on our website.

Now that you know the players, let’s get to the game.  In a recent speech, Eddie said, “Without a doubt, homosexuality is linked to pedophilia”.  Well, he said it in Spanish, but pedophilia is one of those universal words.  This was all a bit much for Polo, who responded on Twitter.  “If that was the case when YOU ‘were’ gay, it’s just that – YOUR PERSONAL CRIMINAL EXPERIENCE.  Hopefully one day you’ll find the peace that you say you’ve found so you no longer have to ‘condemn’ others.”  The duo went back and forth a few times, but you get the gist.  You can make your own gist after seeing the hot footage of both fellas on


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