Dicky Armitage is Out

Our Ask Billy question comes from Drew in Chicago.  “Thanks for the nude photos of Richard Armitage.  Someone told me he’s gay, but you didn’t mention that.  So is he or isn’t he?”

Yes, Armitage is gay.  In fact, you weren’t the only one with that question this week.  A UK paper asked him about coming out, and he was very upfront about it.  “That happened when I was 19 – to anybody who mattered – and I was always waiting for that question to punch me in the face, and it never did.  I thought, ‘Are people being polite, or is it that they don’t want to know?’”  He’ll be quite happy you wanted to know.  And in case people missed his nudity in Obsession, you can see every inch of Dicky on BillyMasters.com.

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