Lacy Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes has a nice bum.  I hate to start in such a coarse way – not that I have firsthand knowledge of how coarse his bum is.  But I was fortunate enough to catch the final show of the former Savage Garden frontman’s recent solo tour.  That this happened within spitting distance from whence I was born is a happy coincidence.  In addition to all of his solo and group hits, he performed a generous smattering from his latest collection, “Homosexual”.  His voice is truly a marvel, and hearing it in such an intimate setting was a privilege – especially at such an economical price.  I’d not seen Darren in the flesh before, and I hope this will not be our last encounter.

Darren opened the show wearing tight black trousers, a lacy see-through black shirt, and black boots.  As luck would have it, I had on a strikingly similar outfit.  As I entered the theater, someone approached and said the most extraordinary thing.  “Not offense, but you look like Billy Masters.”  “No offense?”  Excuse me?  Still, a fan’s a fan!

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