Gay Canadian Cowboy

I’ve seen a number of videos called Ride, but nothing I’d expect to see on the Hallmark Channel.  This Ride features Jake Foy, who is openly gay and Canadian (well, it is Hallmark).  Fun fact – one of his first roles was in the original workshop of the musical Come From Away – so he’s like the Canadian Jenifer Lewis (for the three of you who will get that).  In Ride, he plays Tuff McMurray, a gay member of the central family.  Yes, a gay cowboy.  From Canada.  On the Hallmark Channel.  This is how the network describes him: “Tuff is a man of many hats: he protects his brother in the ring by being his bull fighter, he is the Foreman of the ranch, and he’s also an aspiring musician.”  For those of you new to the Hallmark Channel, that’s code for “gay”.  Why am I telling you any of this?  Because Jake just got engaged to his longtime real-life beau, Nicolas La Traverse.  Congrats!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Ride also stars Dylan Neal, who at one point was on The Bold and the Beautiful – and played a male stripper!  I’d lost track of him in the ensuing years, but he seems to have matured quite nicely.  Maybe I’ll post some of that steamier celluloid on

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