World’s Slowest Car Chase

When is a “near catastrophic car chase”, neither catastrophic nor a car chase?  When pedestrians are moving faster than the cars!  I guess it all depends on how you define “near”.  Words matter, and never more than when you’re Prince Harry and that wife of his…and I think it bears mentioning again that prior to their liaison, her biggest credit was on basic cable (of course, Princess Diana was a school teacher).  It is true – Prince Harry, Meg, and her mother Doria were in a car in NYC.  And it is also true that paparazzi were surrounding the vehicle trying to get photos…God knows of what.  But it is also true that funeral processions in small towns move quicker.  That reality doesn’t invoke a situation on par with the death of Princess Diana.

The final chapter in an actual car chase has been written.  Last week, Anne Heche was finally laid to rest, nine months after her death.  I can’t blame the family for waiting.  The last time someone declared her dead and put a sheet over her head, she popped up and said, “Surprise!”  So, y’know, anything could have happened.

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