F**king Men & Oubliette

When I saw the US premiere of Joe DiPietro’s gay adaptation of La Ronde at West Hollywood’s Celebration Theatre back in 2009, I remember being impressed by the witty writing.  The Waterloo East Theatre asked DiPietro for an update, and he’s again come up with a winner.  F**king Men is playing to sold-out houses, and is as insightful and sharp as ever.  It’s clever, touching, funny, and provocative.  There remain a few references from the previous version that seem dated (including a discussion about Ecstasy).  But with this talented cast of four, the show’s in good hands with nary a weak link, to say nothing of the slick production.  It’s allegedly closing on June 18th, so grab your tickets quickly…if you can.

I also saw a new musical called Oubliette – which is French for a pit that prisoners are thrown in with no way out…except straight up.  Think of Silence of the Lambs (“Put the lotion in the basket”).  My impression of the show is surely colored by the fact that the venue (The Other Palace) was FREEZING!  Frankly, I couldn’t wait to leave – I was virtually hypothermic!  The story concerns a peasant boy who is thrown in an oubliette along with some other prisoners and is trying not to go mad.  But is it too late?  This show has an ending that kinda came out of nowhere and somewhat perplexed me.  Not sure what I thought because I couldn’t wait to leave, but the performances were good and the imaginative use of the theatrical tundra was impressive.

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