Thrillers and Chillers

I finally saw The Mousetrap after 70 long years (obviously the play’s, not mine).  The Agatha Christie thriller is a bit less thrilling than I anticipated, but it is presented lovingly.  The cast was marvelous, if not more contemporary than Christie might have envisioned.  I solved the mystery straight away, but must confess a few of the twists took me by surprise.  Not surprising is that it’s still selling out, even after seven decades!


I looked forward to 2:22 A Ghost Story, which I’d heard good things about.  A young couple buys and is modernizing an old house.  Is it haunted?  They spend the night with another couple trying to solve the mystery.  The ending really surprised me, so that’s a good thing.  It’s provocative enough to make you replay everything that transpired.  In fact, I might go back to unravel it some more.  Another solid cast.  The most recent addition is Sophia Bush – from One Tree Hill, but better known to my readers as a one-time Mrs. Chad Michael Murray.  While not a natural theatrical animal, she turns in a very capable portrayal that will only get better with time.

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