The Six Year Gay Itch

We’ve had a spate of gay breakups that make one take pause – depersonally, if possible.  Most notable is Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef, who are divorcing after six years.  “We have decided to end our marriage with love, respect and dignity for our children and honoring what we have experienced as a couple all these wonderful years.”  How many publicists and lawyers did it take to craft that?  Not that I don’t believe the sentiment, but the legalese is thick.  Other reports claim the relationship was “open”…lest we forget the nephew’s allegations.  Going back to the official release, it mentions Ricky had twin boys 11 years prior to marrying Jwan – “whom he will continue to raise as a single parent”.  So Jwan was married to a man with kids ages 9 through 15 but wasn’t a parent?  Skeptical.

Then there is Billy Porter’s break with Adam Smith.  The press seems fascinated that they married after a two-week engagement – like they’re Kardashians!  To be accurate, the couple dated for a year back in 2009.  For whatever reason, it didn’t work out.  Then in 2015, they reunited, dated for almost two years, and then got engaged and married a fortnight later.  “The decision was an amicable and mutual one and made after much consideration,” says publicist Simon Halls – enough said!  I couldn’t help but note that both these breakups happened after six years of marriage.  The straights have the seven-year itch.  Maybe we gays figure it out quicker!


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