Janice, Kylie & Cherlato

Let’s turn to some of our favorite divas.  First up is the Aussie angel known as Kylie Minogue.  On the rare occasions she’s appeared in the US, the gays have lost their shit.  Well, get ready, kids – Kylie’s coming back!  But rather than do a tour, she’s making good on what we’ve heard whispered about for a few years – she’s doing a Vegas residency.  Actually, I guess it’s more than that, since Kylie calls the show, More Than Just a Residency.  I dunno what the “more” is.  But we’ll find out when she hits Voltaire at the Venetian starting on November 3rd.

Cher will be everywhere come this fall.  She’s working on not one but TWO albums – the first rumored to be a holiday collection (which should thrill Paul Shaffer).  As if that weren’t enough, she also has a line of gelato!  Yes, because when I think of Cher, I think of gelato.  Or, as she calls it, “Cherlato”.  She’s SO clever!  She’s partnered with a New Zealand company – because when I think of gelato, I think of New Zealand.  Cher released some photos and prose about the venture, in which she describes “countless hours in the kitchen, refining flavor combinations.”  Because when I think of countless hours in the kitchen…well, you get the idea.


Janice Dickinson is always quotable.  In a recent interview, she had a bone to pick with Andy Cohen.  “I once went up to Andy Cohen to pitch a late night talk show, and as soon as I left, he took the idea, and he ran with it and did Late Night with Andy Cohen.”  Let’s stop for a second – is there any show called Late Night with Andy Cohen?  ‘Cause if there is, I’ve never heard of it.  “Right after I pitched the idea, it came on six months later.  And I was like, ‘You know what, that was my idea.’  He’s a tacky queen.  Tacky!”  Janice adds she’d never go on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  “They would shake and quiver.  And you know, they’re all easy.  They’re easy shots, but they pretend to be so uppity.  And they’re not uppity.  They’re just hags.  Beverly Hills Hags!”

This leads to a somewhat personal item.  While I’ve been entertaining the masses up and down the eastern seaboard, I was surprised to hear that I’ve been doing some entertaining in Los Angeles – via celluloid.  Apparently, a film I’m in had its world premiere.  Color me Barbra, but not only was I not invited to the world premiere – I didn’t even known it was happening!  Watch what’s not happening with Billy Masters.

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