Richfield, Branden & James

Congrats to Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti for providing a Yeastie Boys bagel truck to nourish the picketers.  Berlanti also produced Red, White and Royal Blue – which I will write about next week.


Far be it from me to criticize non-picketers.  I may be a proud and loyal member of the Screen Actors Guild, but I am busy basking in the balmy breezes of Provincetown.  What can I say?  I have my priorities.  One of those was making a belated pilgrimage to see the incomparable Miss Richfield 1981 at the Pilgrim House.  This year, she is dispensing Bad Advice to capacity crowds.  And it’s the crowds that make every show different, because Richfield is interacting with them constantly.  Yes, there is material, there are stories, there are songs – but the quick-witted Richfield knows how to mine her audience for comedy gold.  If you are afraid of being in the spotlight, don’t worry.  You’re in good hands with a pro who not only knows how to deliver, but knows the difference between funny and snarky (unlike moi, who straddles that line as often as many, many men).  More info about the delicious debutante can be found at  And you can grab your tickets at


Because I have a hard spot for hot boys, I made a point of catching up with Branden and James at the Post Office Café and Cabaret.  This year’s show is entitled, You Had Me At Cello, a clever play on James’ penchant for having large pieces of wood betwixt his legs (Miss Richfield manipulates a far sharper object between her gams).  The duo deliver a great show with some fantastic songs and some gorgeous arrangements.  Of particular note was a mashup (as the kids say) of “Bésame Mucho” and “Hotel California” which worked beautifully.  There’s also a very clever melding of live performance and video footage of the couple singing “Chasing Cars” in NYC (their video version can be found on our website).  Their chemistry is as sweet as their harmonies, and as musicians, they’re smashing.  You can check out their schedule on  And, as always, check out the full Post Office schedule at


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