And Just Like That…More Sex

“It exploded in my mouth.  I wasn’t expecting that.” 
Nya on the And Just Like That… season finale, after she “ate the black one”. 
Oh, that Michael Patrick King – so clever.

During the season two finale of And Just Like That…, we finally got to see Kim Cattrall’s cameo.  More than we expected, less than anyone wanted (and by anyone, I mean the viewers, not the cast).  I found it interesting that in season one, none of the characters were talking to Samantha, and yet everyone was always talking about (or texting with) Samantha.  In between seasons one and two, they reconciled.  And we know this because in season two nobody ever talked about (or texted with) Samantha.  I decided to rewatch every episode of Sex and the City, the two movies, and season one of AJLT before watching season two.  And you know what?  None of it is as bad as I recalled.  It (almost) flows – aside from some glaring inconsistencies.  But while there were always many characters, mostly we only saw them through the eyes of the leads.  Why?  Because that’s all we needed to know.  In the current series, we have lots of information about lots of people we don’t know or care about – with the notable exception of Seema, who is fantastic and well integrated.  The others would be interesting characters in their own series.  It’s also clear that the criticism of SATC being too “white” led to every lead character suddenly having a best friend of color.  It’s so disingenuous, it’s not worth discussing.  AJLT was just picked up for a third season, so we can only speculate what direction it will go in.  But here’s to hoping we’ll never see Che again; LTW and hubby will move to DC; there will be an issue with Lisette’s buying the brownstone (due to the stain on the ceiling); and Nya and her chef open a restaurant that the group occasionally eat at.


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