Anthony’s Hot Guy Revealed

Not surprisingly, the Ask Billy question of Frank in Dallas is on topic: “What do you know about Mario Cantone’s sexy poet boyfriend on And Just Like That…?  He’s so dreamy – and Mario’s ass was hot, too!”

I’ll be sure to pass your fond wishes along to Mario.  As to his onscreen beau, that would be the very sexy 27-year-old Sebastiano Pigazzi.  He hails from Rome, although he was raised in the US.  This is not his first time playing gay – although some whisper he doesn’t play that way in real life.  Still, we can take a little time to enjoy the view.  He was previously seen playing a teen on HBO’s We Are Who We Are.   In fact, every inch of him has been seen on that series and…well, I have some bad news.  Let’s just say there was some padding in his AJLT uniform.  On the other hand, the nudes were after he had been in the water.  Shrinkage, y’know.  There are growers and there are showers and they’re all on


When And Just Like That… is getting ready to spring a Skipper cameo on us, we’ve definitely come to the end of another column.  And just like that, Bob Barker died.  Well, not just like that.  At 99, it wasn’t particularly unexpected.  Still, we salute his long and storied career.  For your more animalistic urges, check out – the site that is neither spayed nor neutered.  If you have a non-pet-related question, write to and I’ll get back to you before I hear the Almighty tell me to “come on down” – you don’t seriously think I’ll be going up, do you?  Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


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