Coop and Drew Have Company

People these days are very quick to toss around the term “stalker”.  If Cyrano de Bergerac were alive today, he’d be a stalker.  Correction, he’d be a stalker AND a catfish.  Think about it.  He’s writing the words and feeding them to a hot guy.  They plan a date and, poof, out comes Gérard Depardieu (or Peter Dinklage – depending on the version you’re watching)!  The point is, there was a time when people would pursue the object of their affection with flowers, or surprise them with candy, or sonnets.  It used to be called romantic.  Today it would be called a felony.


Some actual stalkers are in the news.  Anderson Cooper has a stalker.  Gerald Hurt turned up at Anderson’s home four times last year – well, that’s what happens when you live in a former firehouse easily found on any NYC map!  The first time, Gerry rang the bell and claimed he had “a package for Mr. Cooper” – I’ll bet he did!  Coop wasn’t home.  The second time, Coop answered the door and Hurt attempted to grab him…we just don’t know where.  The third time, Cooper’s ex, Benjamin Maisani, arrived at the house to find Hurt waiting by the door.  He gave Benji his name and phone number – which led to Anderson getting a restraining order.  At the fourth and final incident, Hurt ignored the restraining order and attempted to enter the home.  I know it’s usually three strikes and you’re out, but the gays aren’t big baseball fans.  Hurt will serve 30 days in prison for ignoring the restraining order.


Drew Barrymore has a stalker of her own, thank you very much.  She was being interviewed by singer Renée Rapp at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.  In the middle of the show, a man rushed the stage and shouted, “Drew Barrymore!  I’m Chad Michael Busto.  You know who I am.  I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York.”  Security stopped Busto, and Rapp whisked Drew offstage.  When they returned to the stage, Drew joked to Rapp, “You are my Kevin Costner!”  Days later, Busto was seen in the Long Island neighborhood where he thought Drew lived.  He was reportedly “riding a bicycle up into private driveways and stating to area residents that he was looking for Drew Barrymore’s residence.”  The police detained him for questioning.  After he was let go, they changed their mind – there WAS just cause to charge him with stalking.  They canvassed the area with flyers, and he was arrested in a neighboring town the next day.  He’s been charged with stalking in the 4th degree.

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