Da Vinci Uncoded

Before I left New England, I zipped up to the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine to catch the US premiere of a play version of The Da Vinci Code.  I’m surely in the minority of people who never read the book or saw the movie.  But I’m delighted to say I not only followed the show, but I found it to be marvelously entertaining.  It’s well-written and fast-moving (save for a lengthy section in the plane – which clumsily gave us information necessary for events that happen thereafter).  I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a new play as much in quite some time.  I was completely astounded by the physical set.  It’s smart, slick, and looks like a million bucks.  The fact that it seems to be identical to the set used for the shuttered UK tour doesn’t take away from how great it is.  Enormous credit must go to the lead.  If you only know Michael Urie from Ugly Betty, you’re in for a treat.  I’ve seen him in Buyer & Cellar and Torch Song Trilogy, so I know he’s a theatrical animal.  But in the role Tom Hanks played in the film, Urie gives a galvanizing and nuanced performance which holds the whole show together with ease.  My pal Charles Shaughnessy plays Sir Leigh Teabing with aplomb and provides a good amount of sly humor in just the right places.  While I’m singling people out, I must note David T. Patterson, who not only is a very good actor, but who titillates with his magnificent body (unfortunate lashed back makeup notwithstanding).  It runs until September 23rd, so check it out at OgunquitPlayhouse.org.

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