Farewell, Fanny

Last week, Big Mama Masters had surgery.  Not one of those life-threatening surgeries that ends in a courtroom battle.  But a surgery nonetheless.  While 82 seems relatively spry, I couldn’t help but remember that we just passed the anniversary of Joan Rivers’ death at 81.  Anything can happen at any time.  All of my childhood friends have lost at least one parent – in most cases, both parents.  In that regard, I suppose I’m lucky – even though I know Big Mama will require more assistance in the coming months.  “I’m sorry to be such a burden,” she said just before going under the knife.  I assured her she wasn’t a burden.  An irritable annoyance, yes.  But no burden.


Speaking of irritable annoyances, Lea Michele closed Funny Girl on Broadway last week.  Don’t get me wrong – people say she was sensational, and who am I to dispute that?  After all, I haven’t seen her.  In an absolutely predictable coup de théâtre, Michele ended the run by doing exactly what Streisand did after her final performance – she sang “My Man”.  And thus, the carbon copy is complete – and can be seen on BillyMasters.com.

Tony winner J. Harrison Ghee has bowed out of Some Like It Hot for “at least 4-6 weeks” due to surgery.  The nature of this surgery has not been revealed, but JHG has said that it is “to address some issues that have arisen.”


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