Ring Around The Jonas

Then there’s that Jonas divorce.  No, not Nick.  This is Joe – the one who looks like he’s undressing everyone with his eyes (not that I’m complaining).  He’s divorcing Sophie Turner, although I’ve noted that he’s still sporting some jewelry on his so-called ring finger.  Who knows – maybe he dug out that old purity ring.  Once again, we have a couple claiming that the split is amicable – although I dunno how “amicable” it is when there is alleged Ringcam footage!  Where, oh where, are those non-amicable splits?  When the wife would call her ex a piece of shit?  Or the husband would call the wife a cheating whore?  Ah, the good ol’ days.

I’m not particularly interested in Robin Roberts’ marriage.  Naturally, we wish them well.  I was nonetheless amused to hear that former co-hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were not invited to the nuptials – especially since Robin and Amy always purported to be very close.  One insider claims, “Amy is furious about it.  She and Robin were far more than work colleagues, they shared a deep friendship.”  Not so deep, apparently.

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