Je m’appelle Cher

Recently, Cher was in Paris promoting her line of gelato – yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  She also attended some of the Paris Fashion Week shows…with ex-boyfriend, Alexander Edwards.  You remember him – the 37-year-old producer who Cher said her whole family liked (unknown if that included her son Elijah Blue – who she allegedly had kidnapped from a NYC hotel room…see last week’s column).  Cher and Edwards were spotted cuddling at the Balmain and Givenchy shows.  The highlight of the trip was an appearance at Silencio, a Paris nightclub that was hosting the H&M and Rabanne party.  Cher popped up and sang “Believe”.  She then announced her upcoming Christmas collection – and sang along with the first single, “DJ Play a Christmas Song”.  She was in the DJ booth at the time.  Oh, that Cher – she’s so clever.  You can see that video on

Remember Burlesque?  Cher’s film with Christina Aguilera?  Plans are afoot to turn the film (which was greeted with tepid enthusiasm) into a live stage musical.  Obviously, Cher ain’t gonna appear in the show – that would cut into her nap time.  But Christina is the executive producer, and it’s being shaped by the film’s director, Steve Antin.


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