Farewell to Momma

I start with a sad story for gays around the world.  Worthie Paul Meacham, known to many as the larger-than-life drag queen Momma, passed away.  He was one of the most visible and active drag personalities in California, and was seen by a larger audience in film and television (including Will & Grace).  On a personal level, the two of us hosted LA Pride together for a record-setting 7 consecutive years.  Momma also had a charitable side, tirelessly volunteering for numerous organizations that serviced our LGBT community, including Project Angel Food (working alongside such folks as George Michael, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle).  During the pandemic, Worthie found himself in need of their services.  “I gave everything I could to an organization that is now there for me.  How lucky am I?  There is no shame in needing help.  I don’t believe in shame.”  When I wrote a profile on Worthie for the LA Blade in 2020, I asked his thoughts on how far our community has come.  He was mostly hopeful, but added this: “I just wish people would be kinder.  I wish people would be more understanding.  And, damn it, I wish people were having more fun.”  Rest in peace, Momma!


Speaking of Project Angel Food, one of their most fervent supporters is our friend, Sheryl Lee Ralph.  And what a few years Miss Ralph has been having – talk about “it gets better”.  You may recall we told you about a movie, The Fabulous Four.  It was about Bette Midler inviting her college pals to be bridesmaids at her wedding.  Those friends were supposed to be Susan Sarandon, Megan Mullally and Sissy Spacek – so obviously they all graduated during different decades!  Because of strike-related delays, Miss Spacek dropped out before filming resumed.  Who could possibly hold her own against these powerhouses?  Enter Miss Sheryl Lee Ralph!  Congrats.

Recently, a curious film began shooting in Budapest.  No, not a biopic about the Gabor sisters – but wouldn’t that be a great idea?  No, this is a biopic about Maria Callas – starring Angelina Jolie, naturally.  It depicts the last decade of the diva’s life, which includes her relationship with Aristotle Onassis, played by Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer.  Lemme get this straight – a movie about a couple of Greeks living in Paris being filmed in Hungary?  Makes sense to me.  Photos from the set have leaked, and Angie certainly has Callas’ eyeliner down to a T.


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