More AbFab Coming

Didya know we have Dawn French to thank for the Absolutely Fabulous film?  She made a bet with her comedy partner, Jennifer Saunders, on a live BBC radio show.  Jennifer was procrastinating writing the film.  Dawn, tired of hearing these promises, said, “If you haven’t written it by this time next Christmas, you will owe me a hundred thousand pounds.  By this time next year, or you owe me a hundred grand.”  Bing, bang, boom – the script was written.  French has worked her magic again.  On the French & Saunders podcast Titting About, they recounted the old bet (which they say was for 10 grand – but you can hear the original on  Jennifer now says, “I need to write a film or a series based on AbFab…I want to do something related.”  Dawn made Saunders promise to write “a serious first draft of a film related to AbFab by the 31st of December.”  Jennifer then walked over to Dawn and shook hands.  French triumphantly exclaimed, “There’s a deal for a new AbFab product.”

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