Will Was How Big?

I never really cared about Jada Pinkett Smith – although I think she’s quite striking.  I also think she’s a lying sack of s*it.  Strike that – I know she’s a lying sack of s*it.  And you know who called her on it?  Hoda Kotb, of all people (well, she knows a liar when she’s talking to one).  Hoda said, “I feel like you’re a straight talker.”  Jada nodded.  “I am.”  Kotb hastened to add, “Except you’re not sometimes.”  And that, my darlings, is how it’s done.

We just heard that Madonna’s new shows will feature 3 songs never before sung on tour – which, if one is being completely accurate, probably refers to more than just 3 songs.  The concert is staged like a musical biography, including (and I quote) “spectacular acting and breathtaking choreography”.  This all sounds terribly exciting, but it does beg one very important question – who on Earth will play Madonna?

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