A Queer Eye Anniversary

There’s a few reunions on the horizon.  Kellan Lutz and Cam Gigandet – two of the only reasons to suffer through Twilight – are starring together in Desert Dawn, which is described as a “crime thriller”.  When I first read this story, I swore the film they were making was called Delta Dawn, and I pictured them playing lovers.  Another missed opportunity.  Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner is curiously missing in action.  Sure, he can’t act – but he is (or was) pretty.  And we know that certain predatory and shifty auteurs were willing to take him under their wing (he writes euphemistically).  Either Taylor didn’t want to play ball, or everyone’s already over his balls.


Elsewhere on the reunion circuit, let’s talk about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  And I don’t mean the reboot that everyone loves. I mean the OG from 2003.  That was truly groundbreaking television and brought us Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez, and three others I couldn’t name if there was a gun to my head.  Collectively, they were the first gays that Middle America latched onto.  The original Fab Five (of the gay world) are having a special 20th anniversary reunion.  It will take place at the Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – which sounds positively Biblical.  The show is on December 16th, and tickets range from $50-$100 (plus those pesky fees).  You can get more information at WindyCreekEventCenter.com. Please tell me how it goes…and who they are!


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