And Then There Were Four

The fab five are no more.  It’s been announced that Bobby Berk is leaving Queer Eye.  People behind the scenes whisper that he was “asked to leave”.  A source claimed that Bobby was not “vibing” with the rest of the cast, and that “his heart was not in it and the cast started to resent him because of that.”  I can’t say I’m surprised – especially since I’m not exactly sure which one he was.  I know he’s not the hot one.  And he’s not the black one with the talk show.  And he’s not the white-haired one.  When you’re part of “and the rest”, you’re somewhat dispensable.  The official word is that “the decision was amicable”.  Like Star Jones and The View.  Or Elisabeth Hasselbeck and The View.   And…well, virtually everyone who has left The View…except Meredith, naturally.  And, as they say on The View, I’m sure Bobby’s welcomed back any time.

It’s probably pouring salt in the wound to announce that Queer Eye has been picked up by Netflix for a ninth season.  Now, I know what you’re all thinking.  And, no, I probably wouldn’t be a good fit for the show.  The only hit that comes out of a Billy Masters show is Billy Masters, and that’s me, baby, remember?

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