Gage and Appleton Split

Now we’ve come to the story that you’ve all been waiting for.  When we do our year-end column, this will go from “Who is Lukas Gage?”, to “Is Lukas Gage Gay?”, to “What is Lukas Gage Doing With Kim’s Hairdresser?”, to “Are Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton Having Sex?”, to “Did Lukas and Chris Get Married?”, to “Did Chris Dump Lukas?”  All in less than a year.  It’s almost Kardashian-esque.  And it’s all true.  Just as we went to press last week, Chris Appleton filed for divorce from Lukas citing that old chestnut, “irreconcilable differences”.  Almost simultaneously, Gage changed his Facebook relationship status from Married to Divorced…and the papers were still warm from the Xerox machine!  What went wrong in this whirlwind romance?  Who can say.  Perhaps getting married faster than a pair of lesbians from Wellesley was the first mistake.  And perhaps having the ceremony performed by Kim Kardashian was an ominous choice.  Ironically, their wedding just appeared on a recent episode of The Kardashians – with Kim advising Chris to get a pre-nup.  He obviously took that advice, because we’re told both boys will leave the marriage with only what they came in with.  The downside is that Lukas will now have to pay for highlights.  And trust me – husbands come and go, but a good hairdresser is forever.

Many people have been asking me if The White Lotus will be back this summer.  Yes and no.  Yes, the show will be back and set in Thailand.  But due to the many strikes, production on season three will not start until February.  That likely means we won’t see another season until the end of 2024, or perhaps not until the summer of 2025.

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