Save ScottCakes

I’ve often talked about ScottCakes, a Provincetown institution.  The bakery is the brainchild of occasional actor, Scott Cunningham, who used to peddle his wares out of a red wagon after all the Ptown clubs closed.  Did I mention he’d wear a white terry robe?  And usually not much else!  Not surprisingly, the cupcakes took off…to say nothing of the robe!  Within a couple of years, Scott had a storefront for his delectable pink cupcakes, and he’s been a success ever since…until his landlord died.  Real estate is at a premium in Provincetown, and the landlord’s heirs want to sell the property.  But they’ve given Scott first refusal if he can match the offer.  Will he be able to pay in time?  Can he save his 15-year-old business?  And what happened to that robe?  To find out the answers to those questions and much more, check out his GoFundMe page.  I already did my part.  Then again, I’ve tasted his cream!

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