Naked Attraction’s Semi

Our Ask Billy question comes from James in Chicago: “I heard one of the contestants on Naked Attraction got hard on the air.  Which episode is that in?”

Damn that Sunny Hostin.  You can’t let menopausal women on television see naked men – they simply can’t handle it.  Due to her numerous mentions of the series, everyone is now watching – which I suppose is a testament to the power of Sunny Hostin (or, rather, The View).  The episode in question originally aired in the UK on November 1, 2018.  For those of you wanting specifics, it was the second episode of season 4.  Zoe chose Jason, who was rockin’ a hot body, a cast on his leg, and had a “fucked-up haircut” (as Barbra would say).  In their final moments, Jason started to get a bit “aroused” on camera – I love when that happens.  I dunno if this episode can be seen anywhere else online other than on  


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