Trouble with Hall and Oates

Have you heard about the drama between Daryl Hall and John Oates?  Hall has apparently gotten a temporary restraining order against Oates, and filed a sealed complaint trying to prevent him from performing their songs on his own.  To the best of my knowledge, anyone can sing any song anytime they want – provided it is not being broadcast or recorded for distribution or sale.  However, billing and advertisement are a different matter.  For instance, after The Supremes disbanded, Florence, Mary, or any of the other girls (including Diane) could not bill themselves as Supremes.  Mary could be billed as “The Supreme Mary Wilson”, but not “Mary Wilson of The Supremes”.  So perhaps John Oates is being restricted from using the term Hall & Oates.  Let’s throw in this wrinkle – despite many songs credited to Hall & Oates, Daryl claims that most of them were written and performed solely by him and that John did not participate in the recordings.  If so, why did he give up credit and money?  As we went to press, we learned from someone who has seen the sealed complaint that Daryl is attempting to stop John from selling his share of their joint publishing, Whole Oats Enterprises.  Why?  Primary Wave Music bought a large percentage about 16 years ago, so if they got ahold of Oates’ shares, Daryl would have someone to answer to.  Stay tuned.  Fun fact – Daryl Hall is also 77 years old!

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