Cher and Madonna

“I wouldn’t be in it now if they gave me a million dollars. 
I’m never going to change my mind. 
They can just go you-know-what themselves.” 

Cher tells Kelly Clarkson her thoughts on being snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
especially in light of having #1 hits in seven decades.  She pointed out that only The Rolling Stones
can also boast that achievement.  “It took four of them to be one of me!”

There’s nothing like being in New York City for the holidays.  Everyone’s filled with good cheer…unless they’re in Brooklyn to see Madonna.  Then they had to be filled with a whole lotta patience.  The sold-out show was scheduled to start at 8PM.  Since it’s Madonna, you know you’re gonna wait.  Maybe till 9PM, or even 9:30PM.  By 10:30PM, there was still no sign of Madonna – and no announcement of alleged technical difficulties.  So large segments of the audience began leaving and booing.  Here’s my question – why didn’t everyone just band together and demand a refund?  This show needed someone like Sally Field holding up a sign!  For Christ’s sake, it was a weeknight.  People have to work in the morning to pay for the thousand-dollar tickets.  And Madge wants to play games?  It’s just so disrespectful.

By the way, this is not an attack solely on Madonna.  This is an attack on rudeness and bad behavior.  A few months ago, Lauryn Hill got bad press with her perpetually late appearances.  Her response?  “Yo, y‘all lucky I make it on this blood rase stage every night.”  No, Lauryn, YOU’RE lucky people are paying to see your tardy ass!

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