Kylie’s Proposal

I must be in a crabby mood, because I’m gonna complain about another beautiful moment.  Kylie Minogue recently did a television special in London called An Audience with Kylie.  Many performers do these shows – the star comes out, sings some songs, answers some audience questions, and shares some fun stories.  During the telecast, a guy got up to ask Kylie a question.  Except he wasn’t alone.  Standing next to him were two young children and another guy.  So we all know it’s a gay family.  Fine.  After all, it is a Kylie Minogue show.  “This question isn’t for you.  It’s to your superfan, Martin.”  The guy turned to his partner and said, “Martin, will you marry me?”  Martin asks Kylie what she would say – ‘cause that’s obviously what really matters.  Kylie approves, and Martin says yes.  Minogue puts on her most “What a shocker” face and squeals, “Has that just actually happened?”  She asks the couple where they met, and they say, “At your concert.”  Of course they did.

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