Kim and Jada On Top

Was anything sweeter this year than Kim Cattrall’s triumphant return to the Sex and the City family?  After everything that went down, nobody expected a rapprochement.  And just like that, there she was.  The fact that the head of HBO called her directly and brokered the deal – without any input from the creatives or cast from AJLT – speaks volumes of Cattrall’s cache.  She got to call the shots on every aspect of her appearance – except for the spin the show put on it.  Still, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Alas, we can’t look back on 2023 and not mention the J-word.  Yes, Jada.  Bottom line – I don’t believe a word anyone in the Pinkett-Smith family says.  I think there are major psychological problems afoot – but I’m no psychiatrist (or podiatrist, for that matter).  In the past, one would call Will “cuckolded”.  Then we heard a fascinating tale from Will’s former assistant and former best friend, Brother Bilal.  He went on a podcast and claimed that he walked in on Will being…how shall we say it…“sodomized” by Duane Martin.  How does he explain Jada’s role in all this?  “I am saying to you if a woman is used to something the size of a baby leg and you come in with a pinkie toe, there’s nothing you’re gonna do to please her…If she’s itching for that baby leg, she want that baby leg!”  I dunno about you, but I suddenly feel dirty.  And slightly aroused.  And a little bit hungry.

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