Psycho Schneider

I’m often fascinated by people who say or do really ridiculous things…and then deny it.  That brings us to John Schneider – who, admittedly, looks good for someone decades past his prime.  That the Dukes of Hazzard star is a Trumpster didn’t surprise me – although I thought the Confederate flag on the General Lee was simply a prop.  He first emerged in the recent zeitgeist after losing The Masked Singer while dressed as a donut.  Again, a gig’s a gig.  He then allegedly responded to a Tweet from Joe Biden: “Mr. President, I believe you are guilty of treason and should be publicly hung.  Your son, too.  Your response is…?  Sincerely John Schneider”.  This Tweet has since been deleted – which means either Schneider is the target of a plot, or he’s a pussy.  I don’t see any other options.

The Secret Service opened a probe, saying “We look at all threats against our protectees and, due to intent, this falls under the definition of a threat.”  No surprise – ask Kathy Griffin, who, too, waded into these waters.  The difference is she also stood by her actions (she also just filed for divorce on the eve of her fourth wedding anniversary).  Not only has Schneider’s post been deleted, he’s denying it even existed.  “Despite headlines claiming otherwise, in my post, I absolutely did not call for an act of violence or threaten a U.S. president as many other celebrities have done in the past.  I suggest you re-read my actual post and pay attention to the words before believing this nonsense.”  Of course, it’s hard to re-read something that’s been deleted.  True, the phrase “publicly hung” is open to numerous interpretations.  Personally, I’m all for it – but I’m hardly a bastion of good taste.

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