Shannen Speaks Out

Another reunion took place as 2023 drew to a close.  Shannen Doherty started her podcast, Let’s Be Clear, and spent two hours talking to Holly Marie Combs about everything that went on with Charmed – and I mean EVERYTHING.  We’d all heard rumors that Alyssa Milano pushed Doherty out.  But when Holly threatened to walk with her, the producers said they would garnish her wages forever – even if she were bagging groceries in Arizona!  Shannen now regrets going along with the narrative that she left of her own accord (i.e. The View), and feels that she should have spoken up.  After all, she had a “pay-or-play” contract.  So since they pushed her to leave, they should have paid her.  She also regrets that she did not come back for the finale (they did ask).  When Shannen asked if there were any way to have an actual Charmed reunion or reboot, Holly said, “Yeah, I would do it, I would just hope that people would come to it with an understanding that some things are bigger than you, and some things are more important than personal feelings.  And that being said, there’s also split screen and green screen, and people don’t have to work with each other if they don’t want to – we can just make it look like you do!”

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