Legal Woes


Legal problems aren’t restricted to famous folk.  Remember Kim Davis?  She gained infamy as the county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses to couples in Kentucky way back in 2015.  Obviously, same-sex marriage has continued since then.  So has the legal case of the couple Davis refused, who sued for discrimination.  The case wound its way through the various courts and, of course, the couple won $100K in damages.  But due to the length of this trial, the associated fees have been what one might call excessive – and the “one” would be lawyers for Miss Davis.  However, the judge disagreed and ruled that Davis must pay an additional $260,104 in legal fees!  Incredibly, Davis is appealing the decision.  Put it on her tab.


Then there’s the case of Vanessa Joy, who is running for a seat in the Ohio House (presumably of Representatives).  Joy, who is a transgender Democrat, was removed from the ballot because she did not include her previous name.  According to Ohio law, any candidate running for office has to include any name changes in the last 5 years – and this includes her so-called “deadname”.  While many people are claiming this is a seldom-invoked law, it is nonetheless a law which has been on the books since 1995.  It should also be noted that Michigan has a similar law.

Then there’s Kimberly Dragoo, who is running for the School Board in Saint Joseph, Missouri.  You may know her as one of the January 6th insurrectionists.  And not just any insurrectionist.  Her husband (also an insurrectionist) took a photo of Kimberly entering the U.S. Capitol building through a broken window.  And let me stop here to say I have begrudging admiration for anyone who has the balls to not only do something illegal, but post a selfie doing the act.  I’m not sure if it’s hubris or stupidity – it’s a fine line.  Kimberly plead guilty to the crime and is awaiting sentencing.  In the meantime, she’s running to be on the School Board!  Apparently in Missouri, one is allowed to run for office if found guilty of a misdemeanor – just not a felony.  And thank God she didn’t change her name.

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