Cher Doesn’t Want To Share

We’ve previously reported that Cher was attempting to gain conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman’s money.  This begs the question, “What money?”  Turns out, Elijah Blue has a trust which was left to him from his late father, Gregg Allman, who was briefly a Mr. Cher.  Elijah is struggling with addiction, and the struggle is real enough for Cher to have allegedly had Elijah abducted and placed in a facility.  She feels that this conservatorship is a “life-and-death proposition”.  Judge Jessica Uzcategui said, “I am not persuaded” – even in light of some confidential documents Cher’s lawyers presented to support the motion.  It probably didn’t help that Elijah made the following statement: “While I understand that my mother, the proposed conservator, believes she is looking out for my best interests and I appreciate her love and support, I do not need her unsolicited help or support at this time.”  I believe similar statements have been made by every single addict.


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