Booster Buck Naked

Joel Kim Booster was at the Emmys because Fire Island was up for two awards (Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Writing).  And he was able to share some news – his next film, Again Again Again, will be produced by Searchlight Pictures, the same people who backed Fire Island.  One person on the red carpet asked if there was anything “too rowdy or naughty to make it into the film”.  His answer surprised some people.  “Fans will be outraged to find out that sex scenes between myself and Zane Phillips had to be cut for time…and other reasons.  But, yeah, they missed a shot of my ass.  You know?  Justice for my ass.”

While we haven’t come across that Fire Island footage, we have seen Joel’s ass.  In his comedy special Psychosexual, Booster revealed that he had taken several nude shots which have found their way online.  “Obviously I was angry.  I felt violated.  But then I found out they were put on a website for male celebrity nudes.  And I was like, ‘They can stay.’”  And, obviously you can find them on  You’re welcome, Joel!

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