RuPaul, Reunions & Royalty

“And, listen, if a drag queen wants to read you a story at a library,
listen to her because knowledge is power. 
And if someone tries to restrict your access to power,
they are trying to scare you.  So listen to a drag queen!” 

RuPaul’s acceptance speech for Outstanding Reality Competition Show for RuPaul’s Drag Race
This was the show’s fifth consecutive win in this category, and RuPaul has won
Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program eight consecutive times.

The awards season got even more cluttered than usual with the 75th Emmy Awards.  What a marvelous ceremony it was.  Admittedly, it would not take much to look good days after such a lackluster Golden Globes.  It’s a curious thing – when the show goes badly, everyone blames the host; when the show goes well, everyone gets credit except the host.  As far as I was concerned, Anthony Anderson kept things moving and stayed out of the way.  With the show all-but-stolen by his mother, someone should have thought about bringing out Anthony’s TV mama, Jenifer Lewis.  Still, I’m sorry I skipped going.  Alas, most people skipped tuning in altogether.  The 2022 Emmys had been the lowest-rated ceremony in history…until now.  This show was 27% below that.  Ouch!


The most pleasant surprise of the night was the appearance of Dame Joan Collins, who showed everyone how it’s done.  I must confess, I braced myself for a Gladiator moment.  But if this turns out to be the last major public appearance by the 90-year-old Collins, she went out on a grand scale.  She looked great and entered to a standing ovation.  But I’d bet dimes to donuts she has no idea what Beef is.  I’m just glad she didn’t exclaim La La Land!

Who decided David Furnish should be seated in the back of the auditorium?  Even I’ve had better seats at the Emmys!  Of course, he’s now sleeping with an EGOT.  We also learned that more people have apparently seen a ghost than know a transgender person.  But how many of them have seen a transgender ghost?

I really enjoyed the reunions, but got many e-mails from people wondering where the people missing from Cheers were.  I can tell you that Woody Harrelson is doing a play in London.  And I believe Shelley Long couldn’t find anyone to take her shift at Target!  But, fear not – Long could have an acting gig on the horizon.  On the red carpet, Kelsey Grammer said that he could see Shelley guest starring on an episode of the Frasier reboot.


Once again, the speech of the night came courtesy of Jennifer Coolidge, who went out of her way to thank “all the evil gays”.  On behalf of my people – you’re welcome!  I dunno what’s more tragic – that Tanya met her demise on The White Lotus, or that we’ll be without Coolidge in future awards seasons.  Someone better write her a juicy role – stat!  At least she has a film to look forward to.  It was just announced that Jennifer will join Jason Momoa in Minecraft…presumably as his love interest.

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