Happy Birthday, Mayor Pete

This week, two unlikely people showed off their vocal talents.  The first instance happened on January 19th.  The scene was the US Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting at the White House – which we all somehow missed.  Someone in attendance was Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who will forever be known as Mayor Pete.  Not a bad way to be remembered, until one considers being a former mayor with a national platform didn’t work out so well for Rudy Giuliani!  Be that as it may, President Biden noted the former mayor’s presence when addressing the crowd.  Someone obviously told him that it was Buttigieg’s birthday (and while it may not look difficult, try and say “Buttigieg’s birthday” three times fast).  “Pete turned 30 today,” said Biden – obviously using hyperbole in accentuating Pete’s youthful appearance.  “My wife, she has a tradition in her family – and on everybody’s birthday, you’ve got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.”  What a curious tradition.  And, how strange that my family does the same thing as Dr. Jill’s.  It’s almost eerie.  “So,” continued Joe, “stand up and let’s sing ‘Happy Birthday’.”  And then the president led a somewhat tuneless sing-along.  Happy Birthday, Mayor Pete!

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  1. Brian says:

    Love Mayor Pete. More brains than 50% of the Republican House put together. Will make an amazing POTUS some day.

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