Madonna Reunites with Ripa

In the nick of time, we have an Ask Billy question from Patrick in Chicago: “What happened with that reunion Madonna was supposed to have with [former backup singers] Niki and Donna?”

Oh, it’s a sad, sad story.  Everything I’m going to say at this point should be put under a huge “allegedly” umbrella.  What I hear is that someone close to the ladies (allegedly, closer to Donna) reached out to Madonna to say the girls would love to go to the Madison Square Garden show on January 29th.  Why that show?  Because the duo, who perform as Niki + Donna, would have just wrapped up their weekend gigs at The Green Room 42, just down the street from MSG!  We’re told that Madonna happily set up tix for her former colleagues in the front row.  Fans were excited that there might be some onstage reunion.  However, not only was there no reunion, there was not even an acknowledgement from the stage.  We hear the gals didn’t even get invited to the post-show party.  Why?  Well, after the tix to the concert were arranged, someone allegedly showed Madonna videos of the duo performing some of her songs…and, let’s just say she was not happy.  So, while there had been an idea brewing of a reunion onstage to judge the “Vogue” dance-off, Madonna instead invited up her pal Kelly Ripa.  Oh, the humanity!

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