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This beautifully leads into an Ask Billy question I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks – so to speak.  Dan in Miami asks, “Do you know this internet model who goes by the name Peachyboy?  He’s gorgeous – but I don’t know anything about him.  Has he done porn?  Is he gay?  And what’s his name?”

Do I know Peachyboy?  Have you met me – he’s exactly my type.  Sure, he’ll be bald in a few years, but the haircut definitely helps.  Not only is his body perfection, his face is dreamy and he has a British accent.  He’s exactly like me – except for the body, the face, and the accent!  OK, so he doesn’t kiss.  The good hookers never do.  And, sure, he might not have the biggest dick in the world.  But I betcha his perfect ass could definitely take it.  Tricky camera work stops us from seeing actual insertion.  But we do have video of him taking things bigger than most human penises with ease – and he seems to enjoy it.  Does that make him gay?  Nope – but it sure makes him open.

So, who is he?  His name is Sam.  He’s a fitness model and “influencer”, although what he is influencing is unclear.  He first popped up on British TV way back in 2016 on a show called The Lie Detective, where he was confronted by an ex-girlfriend Sophie who was angry he didn’t come to visit her in the hospital after a horse accident – and, no, I’m not making that up (we have the video).  At the time, he was an AC repairman.  While his fitness photos and videos got loads of attention, he’s honed his focus on gay men and makes what people would call “bait content”.  He plays the game, comes off almost completely asexual, and mostly courts the attentions of other very fit men.  There have been videos with some gay porn stars which mostly show them working on his ass with their fingers, tongues, and toys.  When criticized for being gay-for-pay during a video Q&A, he quipped, “If you think I am 100% straight, you are SO wrong!”  He certainly seems charming and sincere – but I’m a sucker for an accent (even if that really isn’t my thing).  I know what my fans want to know.  Yes, like many of the people in this week’s column, he’s on OnlyFans.  He can also be found on


When I’m suddenly in the mood for cobbler, we’ve definitely come to the end of yet another column.  And I ain’t talking about an old man working on my boots – although I do have a pair that needs a bit of resoling.  While I’m looking into that, you should look into, the site that’s got plenty of soul.  If you have a question, dash it off to and I promise to get back to you before any of these OF boys pays me a commission – and I do accept nature’s credit card.  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


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