Divers Doff Drawers

Olympian Tom Daly has a new partner.  Noah Williams is taking over as Tom’s synchro diving partner since Matty Lee is out with a back injury.  The newsome twosome are getting along famously and have all but qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics after taking the silver at the World Championships in Qatar.  To seal the deal, Tom knitted Noah one of his famous “cock socks”.  When asked how he knew what size to make, Daly said, “I go by the one-size-fits-most rule.”  When Noah said, “Are you surprised I’ve actually worn it a few times?” Tom responded, “No, I’m not.  I think you actually posted a photo on your OnlyFans”.  Oh, yes, Noah’s got an OnlyFans account.  One reporter had the nerve to ask Tom if Noah is his type – a curious question since Tom is married to occasional auteur Dustin Lance Black.  I think we know what his type is, although variety is the spice of life.  Tom answered, “I like broad shoulders.  I like a swimmer’s physique.  Because that was what drew me to Lance in the first place, the fact that he was so wide at the top and then narrow.”  So, is that a maybe?

Noah ain’t the only Olympian with an OnlyFans page.  In fact, he isn’t even the only Olympic diver on OnlyFans.  In fact, he isn’t even the only Olympic diver connected to Tom Daley on OnlyFans.  In fact…oh, you get the idea.  Daley’s former partner Matty Lee has a page.  So do fellow British divers Daniel Goodfellow and Matthew Dixon.  Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham also has one – and he has the distinction of also being gay.  Speaking of gay, I think we’ve previously told you about New Zealand rower Robbie Manson.  I don’t believe any of them have shown what’s inside their Speedos – at least not up front.


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