Bradi’s Issues with Andy

Brandi Glanville was offended by Andy Cohen and is trying to get Bravo to fire him.  And her argument would probably result in the termination of a heterosexual producer – and we did fight for equality.  In 2022, Cohen sent Brandi a video saying he wanted her to watch him having sex with Kate Chastain, who was on Bravo’s Below Deck.  Andy claims it was a joke – which is obvious since he’s always presented himself as a “gold star gay”.  However, Brandi felt it was not only inappropriate but a harassing video.  Glanville’s lawyers put it in more legal terms: “Any boss who is clearly inebriated encouraging their employee by facetime video to watch their boss have sex with another employee, constitutes sexual harassment, plain and simple, under any definition even one concocted by NBC.”  Yes, it was obviously a joke.  But, as they say, rules is rules.

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