Celebrity Big Brother

I have been riveted watching Celebrity Big Brother.  No, you haven’t missed something – this is the UK version of the series.  Watching requires quite a bit of fiddling with my dish – something I do with alarming regularity.  But I simply couldn’t wait to see the reunion of Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh – who you may recall were part of the judging dream team on The X Factor (also UK).  Shazza’s not an actual competitor.  She’s what they call a “lodger”.  She gets her own room, cannot be evicted, and has a hand in picking who goes (Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary was the first out).  We hear Osbourne was paid roughly $100K a day – which is why she’s only scheduled to stay in the house for the first week.  Again, Ka-Ching!  This led to an unexpected development.  Sharon’s candid opinions about celebrities (in and out of the house) have made her incredibly popular with viewers – so popular that there is a campaign to start a GoFundMe page in order to raise enough money to keep her on the show!  Stay tuned.

There’s no shortage of gay representation in the Celebrity Big Brother house.  While none of the gays are my cuppa tea, let’s briefly chat about Bradley Riches – who you know from Saltburn or the UK series Heartstopper.  He’s also the youngest person in the house.  If memorable CCB vet Jackie Stallone were still with us, she’d call him “the little boy”.  That little boy has a little edge over his competitors.  For the past few months, he’s been spending a lot of time with Jordan Sangha and Henry Southan – two gay housemates from the most recent non-celebrity installment of Big Brother.  Did they give Bradley some tips?  Perhaps they both slipped him the tip.

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