Kylie and Madonna

I understand Madonna’s reasoning for touring without a band.  Ka-Ching!  But it does make for an awkward moment – like when she invited Kylie Minogue onstage in Los Angeles.  Obviously there’s a significant age gap.  But how does Kylie in the audience at a concert look more camera-ready than Madge onstage?  Sure, there’s copious amounts of makeup on both.  On one hand, you have Madonna in her too-short hot pants, braids, cowboy boots and hat.  On the other, Kylie is wearing a vintage Madonna shirt and Capri pants.  Seeing them standing together onstage invoked an image of a future touring company of the musical Grey Gardens!  And then, God help me, Madonna pulled out that guitar.  You know for weeks she worked on the handful of chords needed for “I Will Survive”.  See, you don’t have these problems when you employ union musicians.  But the presence of some synth or cello in the background belies the spontaneous presentation of this musical summit, which was obviously scripted within an inch of its life.  The duo segued into a few acapella bars of Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”.  I hope at the very least they comped her ticket!  Of course, you can see the full performance on


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